we don't fight fair
Somebody told me
I would be a dreamer for life



I'm annoying and irrelevant as fuck. All Time Low are saving my life and idek what I'm doing on here anymore. Mia is my best friend tbh. amanda is perfect

Old habits die hard, but I'm too young to die.




Mated turtles share their shells!
Not always but often when a pair of turtles mates, the male will leave his own shell and move in with the female. After doing so the couple will coordinate their arm and leg movements to walk and even swim.

I call this “Trying to get notes with false facts.”

I assure you, Facts-I-Just-Made-Up would never post false facts just to get notes. I also do it to confuse, misinform, and hurt people.

om nom nom nom nom

Dairy Queen is heaven n_n